Online music mastering using high-end analog gear and digital processing. Mastering is done in a world-class audio mastering studio. We also offer CD mastering services. Mastering software and digital processing can correct errors in the master mix with surgical accuracy. Analog mastering hardware, especially with vacuum tubes, provides warm equalization, pleasant harmonics and smooth blended tones. The highs will have more clarity without the harsh sonic qualities present in a digital mix. Your song mastering will have more impact and punch with high-end tube compression and solid state limiting. Your song master will be louder with superior sonic detail and no distortion.

Perris Alexander, our award-winning audio mastering engineer has mastered songs for over 25 years. He has the experience mastering songs in all genres from unsigned independent artists to major labels. Perris pays special attention to detail and has a passion for audio fidelity on every song. Our quality control standards are very high and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are dedicated to giving you individualized attention and strive to be the best in mastering music online customer service. Read more about our mastering engineer.


A professional audio mastering studio is the only way to master your music correctly. As more projects are being recorded in home and project studios, it has never been more important than using a music mastering studio with an acoustic and sonically tuned room. Trying to master in a home or project studio will never give you that full commercial sound. Our high-end audio mastering studio was designed to provide the perfect listening environment for mastering music correctly. We spent a long time choosing mastering gear for our studio and our online mastering service is considered one of the best. Your songs need to sound good on any system they’re played on from large speakers to ear buds. Listen to our song mastering samples and hear why unsigned independent artists to major labels have chosen us for their mastering services.

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