Mastering is the final step in the recording process. It is the polish to your song that will make it shine with low-end definition, warm mids and clear, crisp highs. The mixing engineer records songs that can be at different peak levels and equalization. The mastering engineer enhances (optimizes) the sound with careful equalization and compression that brings the levels (db) of the songs up to commercially released standards. Mastering makes all the songs on your album unified and more consistent with each other. After mastering the songs will reach their full potential and sound great on any sound system.
Yes, when your songs are in playlists with other artist’s different songs, music that’s not mastered is extremely noticeable especially in sound level, equalization, noise issues and the overall sonic quality.
We prefer data files in stereo interleaved WAV or AIFF files in the highest resolution possible with the left and right as a single file on CD-R, DVD-R or via upload. Please label each data file with the song name and file format extension that you are using. For Mastering to audio CD the maximum length is 74 minutes. We do not accept MP3’s or other compressed files as they degrade the sound quality and aren’t suitable for mastering.
We don’t recommend it. A mastering engineer is an expert with years of experience, technical skills and a highly trained ear. He has an objective set of ears that can hear your song in a fresh new way.
Absolutely, we will listen closely to each one of your master final mixes and give you our opinions and feedback for free.
We are committed to giving you the upmost attention, customer satisfaction, individual care, quality, affordable rates and service. Our world-class mastering studio will make your music sound better and make it ready for commercial release.
Yes, you should always make a copy of your original final master mixes and store it in a safe place. It gives you a backup if your original gets misplaced, corrupted files or damaged by shipping.
It can be, but we offer professional quality mastering at prices that are affordable no matter what your genre. Other mastering studios charge you by the hour and you can end up paying thousands of dollars.
To submit your final mixes for mastering, you can either upload your files online to our upload server or send them to us on a CD-R or DVD-R along with the completed Order Form/Song List.
When the mastering is completed we will send your song files online or as a data CD, DVD or Audio CD through the mail.
Very seldom do we have a dissatisfied customer. Our mastering is 100% satisfaction guaranteed and if you are not happy, we will do whatever we can to remedy the problem. Please contact us and we will discuss the next steps with you. Remember, mastering does a great job of taking out flaws, but some final stereo mixes have distortions and other problems embedded in the sound wave that can’t be fixed, just made less noticeable.
Allow 24 to 48 hours to master 1-4 songs and 1 week to master an album. If you selected physical CDs allow an extra 2 to 3 days for shipping.
Yes, we offer rush service when available and approved. Of course an additional fee will apply for all rush orders. For more information please email us at
We accept PayPal, Checks and United States Postal Service Money Orders. All personal Checks may take up to 2 weeks to clear our bank. No master CD’s or DVD’s will be sent until the check clears the bank.
We can refer you to duplicating/replicating services that can save you time and money. We can even help you through the order process. They have fast turn around and affordable pricing offering CD duplication (1-2,000 Discs) and CD replication (300-2,000 Discs). They also offer several CD duplication packages such as jewel cases, jackets, digipaks, eco-wallets, etc.
DDP stands for Disc Description Protocol. DDP masters provide a verifiable data transfer from the hard drive to the final CD and employ sophisticated error-checking. Our DDP masters are fully error-checked and allow for a full data check before a glass master is produced.
If our Frequently Asked Questions list doesn’t include your question. Just send us an email or give us a call and we’ll gladly answer your questions.