provides the highest quality professional mastering services available to give your songs low-end definition, warm mids and clear, crisp highs.

Mastering services include the following:

  1. Equalization
  2. Song order and spacing
  3. Add shine, clarity and crispness to the high-end
  4. Establish sonic field
  5. Phase correction
  6. Clean heads and tails
  7. Improve low-end, power and punch.
  8. Noise reduction eliminating clicks, dropouts, hum and hiss. Some noises are embedded in the mix and can’t be removed, just made less noticeable
  9. Signal restoration and enhancement
  10. Fades if applicable and requested on the Order Form
  11. Adjust stereo width if needed
  12. Adjust and optimize volume levels to match across all songs
  13. Dynamic range expansion or compression
  14. Raise RMS and Peak volume levels for optimal level
  15. Spot the moments that trigger the biggest streaming services “Loudness Penalty” and tweak the settings to avoid them.
  16. Add IRSC, CD Text, PQ and UPC codes if requested on Order Form/Song List (For physical CD Audio or DDP image only)
  17. Mastered audio files (CD format 16 Bit 44.1 KHz) digital download or at your original AIFF or WAV file format
  18. Free Mp3 File (320 Kbps) digital download upon request on Order Form/Song List
  19. Audio files burned on CD according to Redbook specifications for CD Replication or Duplication.

Turnaround Time for Mastering

Allow 1 week for 1-4 songs and 2 weeks for an album. If you selected 2 CD’s allow an extra 2 to 3 days for shipping in the U.S.

No Charge for Shipping

Free shipping for Master CDs sent priority mail with the United States Postal Service. Allow 2-3 days for delivery. International shipping rates apply.

Album mastering low as $100 per song

Affordable mastering services by world renown mastering engineers with no hidden charges. Other mastering studios charge you by the hour and you can end up paying thousands of dollars.

How To Get Started