Listen to our mastering samples showing our mastering skills and expertise. Our award-winning chief mastering engineer has over 25 years experience mastering for clients from unsigned independent artists to major labels. Our highly trained and experienced engineers have mastered for a diverse selection of artists in all genres. All our engineers are also musicians so they can hear your songs from a musician’s or vocalist’s perspective.


Recently we have the “Loudness Wars” making your song so loud that it will stand out above other songs.  This is the most requested demand from clients for the mastering engineer.  Today music is processed so heavily that it damages the quality of the songs. A lot of the songs you hear are even mastered to the point of distortion. Music that is too loud makes your ears tired, also called  “listening fatigue”.  You can’t win the “loudness war” by crunching all the upper mids and squashing all the highest frequencies. Winning the “loudness war” is getting a high level without making it sound terrible or distorted. We can master your songs loud, if that’s what you want, but our mastering services do not distort or lose the music’s warm, mids, highs and clarity.

These are actual examples of before and after mastering. To keep the download times shorter, the following samples are in Mp3 (320 kbps) format and will be of lesser quality than the original masters.